moving forward.

thank you all so much for your words of support last week,
and since we lost mort.

it has been hard for both of us,
but i have drawn strength from your kind and thoughtful notes,
and from the words and gestures of loved ones.
it all means so much to me,
and i can't thank you enough.

we are starting to move a little more
back towards normalcy at our house...
i am finding that i am still hesitant about
and unenthusiastic towards creating in the kitchen,
and i feel we have lost ourselves in the mindlessness
of movies and television shows more often than usual
over the past two weeks,
but things are slowly improving.
i have mostly stopped snarling
at the sunlight streaming through my office windows,
and no longer constantly wish i could shut it out entirely
and spend my time in darkness.
i have also curbed the angry mutterings
under my breath at unsuspecting passersby
(an easy way to direct my anger at the world outwards,
rather than keeping it inside)
who happen to be walking too slowly in front of me
or who chatter too loudly & cheerfully on the subway.

i don't want to move on without him,
but i know that we have to.
i make an effort every day to feel grateful
for the blessings i have in my life,
and there are many...
you are one of them.


  1. Losing an important part of your life is always tough, but it's good to hear that you're moving on. I agree that blogging and fellow bloggers can be a great influence and help xx

  2. meg, i am so sorry to hear about your loss. we have a dog that we are extremely attached to and it is hard to fathom life without him. it may be silly to some, but i definitely understand. you & your hubby will be in my thoughts & prayers.


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