new york city, in photos.

our trip to new york city
wasn't what we had anticipated it to be,
but it definitely left us with an appetite to experience more.

here is what we saw while we were there...
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for more information about where we stayed, ate, explored}
our first night in new york, we settled into our beautiful harlem apartment with brightly painted walls and furniture from morocco and india. After changing from our travel clothes, we took the subway one stop to the historic apollo theatre to see what turned out to be an incredible performance by deva mahal, the lead singer of the new-zealand-inspired soul group fredericks brown...her voice left me breathless and grinning from ear to ear. afterwards, we stopped for a drink at the lenox lounge, where billie holiday used to spend time before she became lady day. there we enjoyed the energy of an upbeat jazz quartet... a simple rhythms section backing friendly-looking saxophone player bill saxton... probably the best jazz i've ever seen live. his lines ran forever as he interpreted songs i am so familiar with ~ all the things you are, georgia on my mind ~ and introduced me to new ones of his own composition. we returned home giddy from our night of music, and from the liberally-poured cocktails at the lenox.
the following day we walked aimlessly through the east & west villages, stopping in record shops & paperies, a beautifully victorian pub for drinks, and a tiny thai place for lunch. we returned home in the evening to dress ourselves up a little, then took the subway to chelsea for a night of improv comedy, courtesy of miss amy poehler.
our third and final day in new york was spent exploring midtown, chelsea and greenwich village. we first walked through rockafeller centre, union square park, and then we discovered times square. i say discovered because we weren't carrying maps, and even something as massive as times square, which i assumed would just jump out at us once we reached the area, seemed hidden until suddenly we turned a corner, and there it was. i couldn't believe it's size... the square spans several blocks, all plastered with 6-metre high advertisements and enormous movie screens! it makes the central square by our house (which was modeled after times square), the heart of downtown toronto, seem tiny by comparison. i imagined spending new year's eve camped out there in the cold and the chaos... what fun. we walked through highline park to the chelsea market, which was decorated creepily for hallowe'en and abounded with delicious smells and sights: lovely cupcake shops, authentic sandwich shops, local vendors selling their jewelry and scarves in pop-up shops that only lasted a few days.
upon entering greenwich village, i insisted we find magnolia bakery, made famous by carrie bradshaw. as much as i wanted to sample every tiny, exquisite looking cake there, in the 95 degree weather i couldn't stomach it. luckily, we stumbled across an ice cream truck while meandering shortly afterwards and, after agreeing to keep an eye on the truck while its owner ran an errand, we left with two free cones (vanilla bean for him, sugar cane for me).
in the late afternoon, we took the subway to brooklyn, which we found very quaint and quiet after the bustle and intensity of manhattan. we relaxed and reflected on our day, enjoying the beautiful views of the city from brooklyn bridge park, and delicious sicilian-style pizza with pepperoni and artichokes.

we explored brooklyn before retiring early, to get ready for our daybreak trip back to toronto the next morning. i loved the vastness of the city... it gave me a sense of actually being physically smaller, just walking around in its massiveness. as usual, one of my favorite parts was navigating the subway system. new york's metro is more incredible than any i've ever seen (perhaps even paris), and i am excited to return and travel even more ambitiously via subway.

*all photos (c) curlsandcoffee
(taken by us, edited by him)


  1. I love NYC and I love your take on it via your beautiful and unique pictures! So glad you had such an adventure filled visit! It is a large city with so many different areas from Harlem to Manhattan, the different villages, to Brooklyn and beyond, as you explored firsthand! Got to love their pizza too! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. Anonymous25/10/11

    this just made me want to go to nyc so much more - its nice to see photos of everyday things there rather than just typical nyc stuff, if that makes sense? fantastic photos xox

  3. Wow....alll of your photos are stunning. Great captures....I have to admit. I have always wanted to visit NYC. But after reading this...I wanna go BOOK a ticket!!!!! Seriously. Can I crash at the beautiful harlem apartment with brightly painted walls and furniture from morocco and india???????????? Sounds divine.

  4. Great pics! Looks like a fabulous trip.

  5. LOVE these photos Meg! And this post has me aching to go to New York.

  6. My favorite place <3
    It was 95 degrees?? Holy cow!! So sad I can't make it during Christmastime to see the magic :(

  7. I love your pictures! I have only been to the city once during the summer. We usually go right before Christmas. I'm actually heading there in December. I don't believe you missed much by not having a cupcake from Magnolia. When I went there I found the frosting too sweet and the cake was dry and crumbly. I'm glad you had a good time :)

  8. Looks like you had a great time. The pizza and cupcake looks so mouth-watering.

    I wish I was going to NYC during a time when it's warm. Since I am going during Christmas, I will have to be all bundled up. I hope there is a bit of snow on the ground but not too much.


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