sometimes after a busy day,
i need an evening of simple pleasures...

...bringing home rich pad thai
to eat on the couch with a movie

...roasting pans of roma tomatoes in the oven,
then blending them with thyme, onion, garlic, celery, cumin
to make roasted tomato soup

...re-organizing my closets
(yes i did them both, and our extra storage area!)

...puttering & tidying
and making our home beautiful.

...nursing a sick (and slightly cranky) husband
(only cranky because he wants someone to cuddle
and i'm not ready for bed yet)


it's lovely to spend an evening
doing all the things that make me feel good.
how do you like to spend your evenings?


  1. Mostly net surfing

    then watching a movie I love and

    then spending some quality time with the hubby and son... Oh but I love it when we go out and eat out.

  2. Love pad thai and that is definitely a simple pleasure in life...glad you got to spend the evening doing things that make you feel good!

    Liesl :)

  3. All of those things sounds so lovely right now. :) Evenings at home with comforts like that are so important. And a cuddling husband? So sweet!

  4. hello there, i'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. and post that chats about simplicity is just my thing. i even drafted a post today along these lines...

    anyway, loving your ways to spend an evening. mine would include reading, tea, and cuddles.


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