autumn dinners.

here are a few things we've eaten lately...

farmer's market dinner:
rowe farms steak
local brie from ewenity dairy made of sheep's milk & cow's cream
roasted leeks & purple potatoes
pretty purple potatoes.
leeks & purple potatoes.
steaks, grilling.leeks & purple potatoes, roasted
farmer's market dinner: rowe farms steak, local brie, and roasted leeks & purple potatoes

from julia child's recipe
tomatoes & onions
green peppers

from the slow cooker:
black bean & homini chili
with aged cheddar
guacamole & lime-spiced tortilla chips
black bean chili with aged cheddar, guacamole & tortilla chips
black bean chili

farmer's market birthday dinner:
brined local roast chicken
olive bread croutons
sauteed fresh green beans
and a delicious bottle of white,
a gift from our friends in burlington

guilty men delicious brined roast chickn olive bread croutons green beans brined roast chicken with olive bread croutons and sauteed green beans


  1. Yum! My tummy is rumbling...

  2. These dishes look absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This looks truly delightful and I think I am going to have try that wine and a local brie, which is one of my favorite cheeses!

    Liesl :)

  4. liesl - do you have any farmer's markets in your area? i'd been having trouble finding locally made cheese in my area, but at our farmer's market there are two local cheese-makers! and they have such interesting and different types to try. usually more expensive, but it's worth it :)

  5. Everything looks so good and fresh.


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