changing my perspective

{kittens, deejaying}

this morning, after 4 days out of the office, i did not feel like returning to work. it is just so much nicer to spend my days camped out on the couch with paul, reading aloud from my quirkily historical novel or watching classic comedies all day. but i had to go, and my morning was spent with a cloud over my head while i grudgingly got dressed, brushed my teeth, and pulled my hair into a disgruntled ponytail.

i realized i needed a change in perspective, because my day's objectives weren't going to change. so i made myself a cup of my favourite autumn tea, put a little extra blush on my cheeks, and thought about all the things that i could be excited about that day, instead of thinking about the hours of research i had in front of me. i thought about the delicious steak dinner and old vines garnacha that would be waiting for me to arrive home in the evening, and the new episodes of our favourite tv shows that we'd be playing tonight. i thought about my lunch, leftover beef stew, which always seems to get better in the days after my crockpot makes it. i thought about the forthcoming week we'd get to take off over christmas, and how it's only a mere four weeks away... we'll be having a quiet little christmas to ourselves, and then taking a road trip with a fun couple to montreal to ring in the new year. i thought about the kittens i could cuddle this evening. i thought about the days when i'll have a little babe to play with and care for, and when my days will be filled with love and playtime.

and after all that, a monday in my office didn't seem so bad, or even so significant.


  1. I felt exactly the same way this morning! Though I am sad to say that unlike you I was not able to fill my head with positive thoughts which would blow the cloud over my head away... That cloud persisted all throughout my stupid Monday. I have to say that only now, when I'm reading this, am I starting to feel better about my day. So thank you!

  2. Way to look at the bright side! Makes life so much better:-)

  3. Anonymous29/11/11

    Oooo this is an awesome thinking. Had we all be thinking like this, Monday's won't be blue anymore :)

  4. Anonymous30/11/11

    Thank you so much for writing your blog, I just adore it. I was having the worst day and have spent the past 2 hours 'distracting' myself from my own work by web surfing. After reading your blog I feel motivated to get back to the grind.


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