have a wonderful weekend.

theo, snoozing.
charlie, inquiring.
when we got two new tiny kittens,
i thought they were supposed to sleep a lot.
and they do... during the day.
at night they snooze right up by my pillow,
which i love
except that every time i roll over, i bump into them
and charlie thinks it's time to cuddle & play
so his purr-motor starts up ferociously
and he starts climbing all over us.

have you ever heard a kitten purr?
since they're not old enough to have meat on their bones
to muffle the sound,
it's loud.
really loud.
especially at night when you are trying to sleep.
...but i love them anyway!

happy weekend!


  1. AH! They're too cute. My baby did that when she was little too... now she just gets night crazies and runs around like crazy before settling down for bed. Cuddling them is one of the best feelings in the world. <3

  2. I've had kittens, and they are precious. Love the constant and loud purrs and how they curl up in weird but cute, places. Have a wonderful weekend!


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