hello cold!

winter from our window
this was our winter view last year,
from the living room of our townhouse in guelph.
as the temperature continues to drop this week
and i prepare to greet winter with plum-hued tights,
cozy knit legwarmers, and my favorite red toque,
i wonder what the first snowfall will look like
from our tenth floor windows
overlooking toronto's east end?

although i'm loving the chill in the air
and the christmas spirit that i can feel
coming over the horizon,
a small part of me wishes i could still head home
and enjoy a cold drink on a hot patio.
spiked ginger-mint lemonade
it doesn't seem so long ago that we were sipping these
on an extremely hot day last summer!

until next summer,
i guess cocktail hour will be more
amarula-spiked coffee
than ginger-mint lemonade!

ps, have you tried amarula?
i like it better than kahlua or bailey's! 



  1. Hello cold, indeed! I hope you are having a wonderful week and kickoff to the holiday season!

    Liesl :)

  2. Beautiful! I wish it snowed where I live.

  3. Gotta love those warm drinks, though! :)


  4. Anonymous23/11/11

    It will start snowing at my side soon. I love snow :)


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