hello kittens.

 we recently decided to open our hearts
to two new kittens who needed a home.
when these brothers looked out at us
from the cage at the humane society,
we knew they were perfect.
charlie "byrd" parker and thelonius ("theo") monk
have made our house feel warm & bustling!
as brothers, they follow each other everywhere,
play all day
(and sometimes all night)
love to cuddle
(charlie more than theo)
and both sleep on my pillow which is super cute,
but not so fun when i roll over in the middle of the night,
jostling them, and they instantly think it's playtime!
they keep paul company during his work day,
sleeping on his lap or his desk, or sometimes right on his computer.
they are little trouble-makers,
but they have lots of love to give,
and we have love to give them too.
...and that's what kittens are for.


  1. Anonymous7/11/11

    ohhhh!!! So stinkin' cute and snuggly!

  2. Your little babies are absolutely adorable! My husband and I adopted two kittens (sisters!) back in March and we have truly loved having them in our lives.

  3. kristin hughes7/11/11

    I feel the purring...

  4. Oh my, they are so adorable. I love cats so much. Special little creatures. :o)

  5. just as cute in pics as they are in person! can't wait to follow stories of their adventures!

  6. They are adorable! Be careful with the shoulder thing, they are cute up there when they're kittens, but when they're all grown they still think they fit up there. We learned the hard way.

  7. oh my gosh they are so precious!!! you're making me miss my kitties back home!! and i wish i had one cuddling on my bed with me right now <3

  8. So adorable! I wish I wasn't allergic to cats. :(


  9. those babies are perfect, how sweet are they?! :)

  10. Meg, I'm so happy to hear this! They are adorable (and I love the jazz-themed names...how perfect.)

  11. Love the look of your blog Meg. Just thought you should know I was happily pinning photos this morning, and pinned a running photo that you had posted on your blog. It was such an inspiring photo. HUGS!!! And, thanks for always inspiring me.

  12. Anonymous10/11/11

    how could you not just love those faces!

  13. I am so happy for you guys! Cats are the best. If I wasn't super allergic I would have a cat.

  14. ohmigosh! I would not have been able to resist them either. cuddly and cute... they're adorable!

  15. OH my gosh, how stinkin cute are these!?? LOVE.


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