november is one of my favorite months.
it is a month that brings darkness, peace, and stillness.
hopefully, it will bring some beautiful snowfalls as well.
i had set intentions last month,
but after mort died
my world was shaken and i didn't do very well
with focusing on the little things.
i still miss him very, very much,
but i am starting to feel a yearning in my soul
to return to a more joyful mindset.

i am going to make an effort this month
to clear my head,
take deep breaths,
and move myself back into the space i want to be in.

intentions for november:
i will continue focusing on the things that
allow me to feel peaceful, calm, grounded, and happy.
by starting my day on my mat 
and setting this intention every day,
i hope to continue changing my outlook
to an ever more positive one.
i will journal about my feelings and my days.
there is something about putting pen to paper
in a beautiful notebook
that is very healing,
and very peaceful. 
i will continue to practice yoga twice a week,
and begin running again.
as i've mentioned before, running is the one thing
that i keep coming back to
year after year,
when i need to come back to center.
running is very much a part of me,
and i've missed it.
i will make an effort
to connect more with far-away friends and family.
i've been missing those i'm closest to very much lately,
and it warms my heart to hear their voices.
i will begin baking again.
i have some motivation...
a shiny new kitchenaid stand mixer,
an early christmas present from my momma & daddy!

this month will be about
love, peace, and happiness.
and soon there will be bliss again.


  1. Love posts like this.. think I may do one myself.

  2. running always makes me feel better and well you know my love for yoga. Soooo sorry for your loss Meg. Thinking of you!

  3. <3 so inspiring! Sorry about Mort <33


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