a perfect visit.

overnight, they flew across the continent...
officially so my important papa could deliver an important speech
but unofficially (they told me) so that they could pay us a little visit.
they arrived at our apartment eager to meet our new kittens
and my momma noticed (true to form) that we'd rearranged our furniture
while charlie & theo climbed all over her.
they gave me a birthday card with kind, heartfelt words that made me smile
and a picture of an elephant that brought back many childhood memories
of shared stories, laughter, and imaginations.

in the cold, we walked the few blocks to our favorite quirky thai place
and shed our coats amidst cheerful conversation.
we ordered thai beer and three dishes to share:
phud thai,
thai fried rice,
and creamy islamic noodles,
piling the mildly spicy communal noodles & rice onto our plates
and then digging in hungrily with chopsticks.
soon the large platters were empty
and we finished dinner with scoops of coconut & mango ice cream
and a creamy rice pudding.

the next day, i rose early and left the house
to meet my momma for breakfast.
she led me astutely through the corporate bay street buildings
to a cafe with veggie breakfast sandwiches
full of spinach, feta cheese, and fresh vegetables
and delicious french coffee.
sufficiently caffeinated, we hopped a train north
to the upscale yorkville neighborhood
where we visited well-loved clothing stores...
talbots (her favorite)
and anthropologie (mine)
...and i bought far too much.
we browsed the many beautiful shops,
searching for gifts for loved ones
and beautiful things for ourselves,
enjoying a truly indulgent morning.
when our resolves became weak
and our tummies growled,
we backtracked to a kitschy greasy spoon for lunch.
plates were brought with delicious cups of thick soup
laced with wilted spinach and fresh mushrooms,
to warm us during our day of shopping in the cold winter air.
we sat mostly in silence, enjoying the simpleness of the meal,
pausing occasionally to share a laugh or a memory.
our afternoon was filled with footwear
as we searched for the perfect pair of tall, chic boots for me
and a sweet little pair of ankle boots for her.
we returned to the downtown hotel slowly,
weighed down with packages
and in desperate need of a pick-me-up
(and so stopped at starbucks for holiday warmers).
we met my papa in the lobby
and he whisked us off again...
it was already time for them to head home!
we said goodbye when the train arrived at my stop
and i squeezed them both tight.
without our usual trip home for the holidays this year,
i knew it would be months before we'd get to spend time together again.
as i stepped off the train and climbed the stairs into my beloved square,
i blinked back a few tears from my eyes...
so happy to know that they loved me enough to find a reason
to fly across the country just to say hello and spend a few short hours with us.
i silently wished them a safe & pleasant flight,
and hoped in my heart that we'll have another rendezvous again soon.


  1. Sounds like a lovely visit =]

  2. Anonymous24/11/11

    Hope you enjoyed a lot :) I myself like Creamy Islamic Noodles :) xx


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