twenty seven.

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on sunday, i turned twenty seven years old.
for the past month,
i have been thinking about how old that sounds...
"twenty seven."
that is the age my momma was when she has me!
for me, twenty seven has always been equated with being grown up.
i'm not twenty six anymore,
which was a wonderful age of self-discovery
and searching the world (internally & externally)
for my life's bliss.
twenty seven is the age to start thinking about
houses, family, settling down.
we're not quite there yet,
but i feel it in my bones
and i like it.

when trying to plan my birthday,
i was at a loss.
i couldn't decide what fun things we should do.
i really just wanted to spend time with the people who make me happiest,
doing the things that make me happiest.
and so i did.

i left work early on friday
and spoiled myself with a trip to the crowded mall
for some pre-holiday shopping.
i returned home with a faded plum cashmere and silk sweater,
the most perfect and versatile pair of jeans,
and a scoop neck top with ruffles.
i puttered around all afternoon
tidying and primping
and getting ready to be joined for dinner
by my husband
(fresh from successfully finishing the first part of his phd's big 2nd year exam)
my lovely best friend (and fellow proud curly-haired girl)
and the most fun couple in the world,
our friends who came in from out of town
just to celebrate with me.
we went to one of my favorite pubs for dinner
and indulged in cheap beer, delicious pub food, and lots of laughs.
returning through the chilly night air afterwards,
we were greeted at home by two boxes of
delicious vegan & gluten-free cupcakes
brought all the way from burlington!
and honestly, the were some of the best cupcakes i've ever had.

on saturday
i dressed in a strapless, silky dress
with black tights and heels,
and amy picked me up for our date...
sushi & a musical!
a perfect evening for friends to share,
capped off with glasses of wine
and scintillating conversation

sunday was the perfect, relaxing birthday...
waking up early and lounging on the couch
before being escorted to starbucks to pick out anything i wanted for breakfast.
we took our syrupy, festive lattes
into a completely empty theatre
and watched a scary movie.
then an easy-going afternoon at home
(more lounging, and reading my delightful new cookbook)
and phone calls from across the country
with birthday wishes of love,
before a brisk walk in lovely autumn weather
to my favorite brewpub for lunch.
we chose unusual appetizers to share
(butter chicken poutine and kobe beef sliders)
and the server brought out an enormous molten chocolate cake for dessert.
paul let me tinker in the kitchen for my birthday dinner...
i was dying to try out a new roast chicken recipe
(which turned out fabulous)
with olive bread croutons and sauteed green beans.

and really, my favorite thing about this birthday weekend
was that i spent it doing the every day things i love most...
spending time with the people i love,
reading good books,
and eating good food.
no matter how old i get,
i know that these things will always be a big part of my life.


  1. I love it! So glad your weekend was so wonderful! xoxo

  2. I love it! So exciting to experience Toronto as you have :)

  3. what a fantastic ( & relaxing) way to spend your birthday! i did similar things for mine and loved it. Happy birthday!

  4. It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend celebrating in all the right ways. I wish I had gone to see "mary poppins" when it was here in Chicago... I heard it was a good show.

    I hope you have a wonderful 27th year, Meg!
    xo, Kristin

  5. happy birthday dear...i love that you spent your weekend doing things that felt like "you." that's what it's all about!

  6. PS - I bought my copy of "Super Natural" a few months ago... love it! You've got to make the pitas. they are so tasty - we go through an entire batch in one sitting, and I usually make extra!

  7. Anonymous16/11/11

    happy birthday! sounds like you had a fantastic weekend xo louise from the book.

  8. Happy Belated!! Your birthday sounds like it was just perfect and incredibly yummy!! XO!

  9. It sounds like you had a perfectly relaxing birthday; sometimes those are the best. Happy Belated Birthday!

  10. Lovely! Those kinds of birthdays are the best.



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