christmas for two.

christmas goodies
christmas angel
glowing candles

our christmas started on friday, with the nutcracker.
in the afternoon, we stocked up on christmas cheer...
a bottle of amarula for our coffee,
our favourite locally-brewed dark beer,
white wine to go perfectly with turkey,
and a french red...because we love it.
we brought our treasures home and placed them on our little kitchen bar.
then i pulled out the turkey.
he was a modest nine pounds, a happy mennonite-raised turkey,
and promised to be quite the feast for the two of us.
he needed to be brined overnight,
so i carefully lowered him into my lined roasting pan,
and filled the pan with spices, oranges, herbs, and water to cover.
i plunked him back in the fridge,
to spend the night immersed in his flavoured bath
to absorb every bit of holiday flavour he could.
then we primped and preened,
and went out into the cold night to walk along queen street
to toronto's centre for the performing arts
where we watched the national ballet of canada
perform the nutcracker under elaborate sets and in beautiful costumes.
exhilarated by the beauty of the dancers,
we walked home discussing our favourite scenes,
stopping at the locally-owned all-night diner on the corner for a late dinner
before coming home to dream of sugar plum fairies
falling in love with handsome nutcrackers.
christmas eve began slowly - on the couch, relaxed with novels.
i read dickens' a christmas carol while festive records filled our apartment
with joy and anticipation of the evening to come.
after it became dark, we left our apartment
and joined the crowds of people congregating on st. michael's cathedral.
we took our seats in the beautiful chapel
and awaited the world-famous st. michael's boys choir.
they led us in carols before leading the beautifully music-driven christmas eve mass
while candles and fairy lights glittered everywhere.
we returned home, thankful in the negative ten degree weather
that our little apartment is only a five minute walk from the cathedral.
we snacked on a cheese platter of
five-year-old cheddar
french brie
danish blue
poppyseed water crackers
and local pears
accompanied by homemade dill pickles,
many puff-pastries filled with
red peppers and asiago,
mushroom and leek,
spinach and feta,
and caramelized onion,
more cocktail shrimp than we could ever eat in one night,
and dessert platters with
hazelnut-chocolate cream puffs
and family-recipe raisin tarts.
in the french-canadian tradition,
we opened our presents after our feast...
stocking stuffers from our parents
filled with the little things they know we love,
which had been wrapped and mailed lovingly in the weeks leading up to christmas.
we'd also filled each other's stockings with little treats...
we giddily unwrapped chocolate, lush bubble bars,
little novels, and thoughtfully chosen records.
under the tree,
i presented him with cozy pyjama pants,
a biography of a favourite jazz musician,
and a glossy black globe for his office...
he handed me carefully wrapped packages containing
a cheery pink lulu mat bag
and a beautiful set of enamelled kitchenaid cast-iron cookware.
christmas day we relaxed, sleeping in until late
before putting on bacon and eggs for brunch,
accompanied by amarula-laced cups of coffee.
to pass the long afternoon,
i slowly put together our christmas day meal.
the turkey, basted in butter and maple syrup, went into the oven
while i prepared sausage-and-bread stuffing,
mashed potatoes, and maple-glazed carrots to sit alongside him.
he came out two hours later browned and crisped to perfection
and took the place of honour at our table
while we took our seats to partake in our little christmas dinner*, just for the two of us.
well, for four if you count the two kittens
who excitedly enjoyed turkey scraps from our plates.
we followed the turkey with an apple galette,
hot from the oven and teeming with cinnamon sugary goodness.
after dinner we walked through the darkness to a late movie,
a fun new christmas tradition, just for him and me.
finally, we snuggled into bed in the late-night darkness
and sleepily thanked each other for a romantic, quiet,
and very memorable christmas for two.

*recipes to follow, i promise!


  1. a perfect christmas filled with love and easy relaxation...good for you!

  2. Anonymous28/12/11

    Here it goes the perfect Christmas just for TWO :) Beautiful, romantic and festive :) xxx


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