christmas wishlist.

it's a bit late this year,
because as i get older i'm finding it more and more difficult
to think of the things that i want for christmas.
instead, i relish long, laughter-laced phone calls with my family,
evenings spent cuddled up with my husband,
and date-nights in our big, shiny city.
but here, just for fun,
is a list of a few things that have been on my christmas wishlist
(some, thanks to the early arrival of gifts,
have already found a place in our home)...

a kitchenaid stand mixer
...as the weather gets colder,
and especially with the holidays upon us,
i am planning to do a fair amount of baking.
we received one of these as an early suprise gift
from my wonderful parents, and i'll tell you...
a beautiful silver mixer sitting on my counter
doesn't hurt the eye, either.
a mortar & pestle
...this is something that's been on my wishlist for some time
but i've always resisted buying one
because i know that my grandfather
has several beautiful old stone sets
from his career as a pharmacist,
and i've always secretly hoped that one day
he'll pass one of them along to me,
to take a place of honor in my kitchen.

an ice skating date
...there are many outdoor ice rinks in toronto
and we are embarrassed to admit that we haven't even gotten around
to visiting a single one of them yet!
but with ten days off of work over the holidays,
i predict several ice skating dates over the next week and a half.
a fireplace
...i've always thought that a little electric wood-stove-esque fireplace
would make our tenth floor flat feel even more cozy and delightful.
plus, what's nicer than curling up with a hot chocolate by a warm fire on a cold day?
some cute new stationary
...one of my favorite things is writing letters to dear friends
by lamplight in the evenings.
since we didn't send christmas cards this year,
i'm sure i'll be feeling the urge to connect with loved ones in january.
a trip somewhere warm
...we dream every week about visiting cuba or jamaica
and although it may not be a trip we can take this year,
it's still fun to look at the pictures, isn't it?
{this ones of cuba, from here}

...what's on your wishlist this holiday season?


  1. Your wish list is like mine, so grown up. I asked for tons of kitchen stuff when I used to ask for clothes and bags. So strange to be an adult! :)

  2. Anonymous21/12/11

    It's awesome wish list. One thing I definitely want to go is some warm place. Ahh it's so cold..

  3. Cuba and Jamaica are both great but for me, I would choose Jamaica. I have only been there once but I loved it (especially the food)!


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