a cold gust of wind, a sprinkle of snow... things are getting festive.

and to all a good night
holiday bicycle
{the shops on bloor street have decked their halls}
happy december!

i am in love with this month.
november ended in snow here,
with flurries falling from the skies all afternoon,
but december has yet to see a frosty flake.
i'm hoping it comes (and stays!) soon though...
eggnog lattes aren't the same without snow on the ground.
i've broken out the christmas records + movies
(already enjoyed:
of course)
even though paul's birthday is next weekend
and we aren't allowed to "officially"
get into the christmas spirit until then...
but i can't really help it.

this week i'll be planning christmas gifts
(since we're not flying across the country this year
to visit our families,
we'll have to be organized early
to make sure our gifts arrive by post in time)
and heading to the toronto christmas market,
a haven for artisan crafts and beautiful, locally made wares.

i'm also in the market for a winter running jacket...
this will be my first year training through a cold eastern-canada winter
(and i'm more than a little nervous about it!)
anyone have any suggestions?
perhaps to stop thinking about running in the upcoming
negative 15C weather, because that's crazy?
maybe so. but maybe i am a little crazy, and i like it.

the stores in yorkville are already decked out in their holiday finest,
and it gives me a rush to see the streets bustling with festive shoppers
and to hear the christmas music spilling out onto the sidewalks.

so bring on the holiday spirit...
i am definitely looking forward to our first christmas in toronto!

what is your favourite part about the holiday season?


  1. I am so excited for December too :) For winter running (and all cold outdoor activities in general), I highly recommend shirts in Mizuno's "breath thermal" line. They are made with crazy technology that converts your sweat into warmth, and it actually works! As long as you keep moving and have a cheap fleece and windproof shell on top you can get away with wearing a ridiculously small amount of layers in the coldest weather (and I AM talking -15 C plus windchill). The clothes are a little pricey but soooo worth it. I have been using two long sleeve shirts for 5 years now. Here's a website if you want to check it out: http://www.mizunousa.com/running/products/mizuno-womens-breath-thermo-stretch--zip)

    Honestly, cold running is not bad, especially if you wrap a scarf around your face to warm your breath (I am in the market for some sort of thin face mask so I look more ninja and less crazy homeless person haha). The hardest thing for me to keep warm is my feet!

  2. hi! i hope your Christmas go as excited as your post is =)

    All the very best to you

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  3. bring it all on! Just had my holiday party Saturday, house is decked out and I am ready to simply sit back and enjoy it all:-)


  4. Anonymous7/12/11

    I am also in love with December, it is always beautiful with snow. We had a little snow here but went off after like 15 minutes :-/ I am excited about holidays but nothing planned as yet :) xxx


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