goodbye 2011.

heading out for christmas eve
it was a year of change, of challenges, of triumphs.

we took a deep breath, faced our fears, and made our dreams a reality.
we moved to a little apartment in a big city that suits us just fine.
we lost our dear friend mortimer,
but adopted two adorable new kittens who have enriched our lives.
kittens snoozing.
i started a new job which i adore, in a cute office with a blue wall.
we spent our first holiday season on our ownand enjoyed it immensely.
i ran my first half-marathon, and began excitedly planning my next one.
i fell deeper in love with yoga, and began making plans to become a yoga teacher
(teacher training starts in february 2012!)
we visited hawaii with my siblings and both sets of our parents, and had a blast.
paul successfully passed the first big exam of his phd,
and gathered critical acclaim for his expertise in the field
of modern poetics of literature + music.
we celebrated the second anniversary of our marriage
and looked eagerly forward towards the many more to come.
we delved more into our commitment to eat responsibly and locally
and i began shopping almost exclusively at the beautiful st. lawrence farmer's market.
we visited new york city, and can't wait to go back.
i became more comfortable in our kitchen, and started a (small, but growing) recipe index.
i turned twenty seven, and began to feel really grown up.

we are really looking forward to 2012,
a year which will bring career changes for me,
more intellectual challenges for him,
and so much more excitement,
as we relish in living in the heart of the biggest city in canada!

i hope everyone has a wonderful new year's eve,
and that you're all looking as forward to 2012 as we are.

happy new year!!


  1. Happy New Year to you and Paul xx

  2. Anonymous1/1/12

    Cutest couple :) May you have many more years like this :) xxxx

  3. happy new year! what a beautiful list of all you have accomplished... good luck with your teacher training. I hope you'll keep us posted on that!
    xoxo, Kristin

  4. the little kittens are becoming real cats! can't wait to hear more about your yoga instructor training!


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