warm winter wishes!

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yesterday was the winter solstice!
it's so strange to me that the first day of winter also marks
the turning point when the world begins to awaken again.
yesterday had the least light of all the days this year,
so we made sure we were extra cozy.
we bundled up on the couch
with vodka + mint cocktails
and big bowls of creamy mushroom + shrimp risotto.
it was just the start of all the cozy holiday festivities to come!
this year we're staying in town instead of heading out west for the holidays,
and we've planned a romantic and quiet christmas...
a trip out to see the national ballet's russian nutcracker tonight,
midnight mass at the st. michael's cathedral
followed by a christmas eve feast and presents tomorrow,
and a relaxing day of movies, skating, and a turkey dinner for two on christmas.
i think we'll miss the fun + craziness of being with our big families this holiday season,
but we decided it would be nice to have our own christmas, just once,
and make a few new traditions as a quiet little family.

i'd like to take this time to thank you,
all my wonderful readers
for spending some of your time here at
i always love reading your comments
and i appreciate all the connections with incredible people
that being a part of this community has provided.
thank you!

and now,
our stockings are hung, our tree is lit and surrounded by presents,
and delicious food is beginning to fill our fridge.
wishing you all a most wonderful christmas
and holiday season!
may your days be merry and bright.


  1. Merry Christmas, Meg! I'm so glad to have found your blog this year! :)

  2. I completely agree with Caiti above. I love your posts and the way you write. Looking forward to more in 2012. Have a lovely Xmas and New Year.

  3. I luv your blog!
    BTW, I'm hosting a giveaway thought you might be interested in ;)

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I second the people who say that they love the way you write. So elegant and full of imagery!

  5. Have a fantastic little Christmas! Sending lots of love from Cali!

  6. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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