2012 intentions: the year of more.

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this year has a different feel to it than the last few years.
for the first time in our marriage, we feel settled.
we're not going anywhere for awhile.
i don't have to worry about finding work
paul is deep in the middle of his phd
and we know that we're going to stay in our lovely little apartment
until we have an incredible reason to leave.
so this year i don't feel like i need to change or improve things,
we're just happy the way things are, and striving to make the most of every day.
and that's kind of a nice feeling.

to avoid the rut that can sometimes come with settling into a routine,
this year i'm going to work on doing more of the things i love
and the things i know i should be doing.
i said last year in my 2011 intentions
that i was going to try to do what makes me happy,
and that's just it.
i'm going to do more of what makes me the most shiny, happy person i can be.
i'm learning that this means:

run more.
cuddle more.
try more new things in the kitchen.
read more.
be silly more often.
yoga more.
play more billiards. and board games. and cribbage.
make love more.
journal more.
watch more documentaries.
bake more.
write more letters to the people i love.
get outside more.
meditate more.
paint my nails more. (toenails too!)
forgive more.

i want this year to be all about doing what makes life better,
because i think that keeping this as my core intention is going to translate into
a more fabulous day-to-day life,
and a simply wonderful year.

do you make intentions, goals, or resolutions for the new year?
what are your intentions for 2012?


  1. Anonymous3/1/12

    happy new year meg! may 2012 be one of the best yrs of your life... take care and enjoy!


  2. Anonymous4/1/12

    Happy happy year :) I could recall your last year resolutions xxx

  3. Sounds like it'll be an amazing year to me! And I love that you call them 'intentions' - makes them sound really sentimental in a way. I do intend on running and hopefully I'm going to have a couple of my friend 'teach' me how to run (since I lack endurance and motivation) instead of just working out at home. Hope you're having a great start to 2012! :)

  4. I think writing letters is a great idea. It's a lost art.

    All of the intentions you wrote are good ones. Good luck.

  5. i love this! happy 2012!

  6. My intentions for this year are so similar. Here's hoping we both achieve something really important to us this year. And what a great feeling to feel settled. We're at that point now too and it feels fantastic.

  7. Have you seen the documentary Forks Over Knives? I just saw it on Netflix and it was really good! Makes you realize how within your reach eating healthy is. :)


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