calm before the storm (in a good way!)

{charlie & theo like to cuddle}
we have been soaking up our quiet little winter lately,
and there hasn't been much to write about.
more movies
more farmer's market meals
(lately: shepherd's pie made with 100% grass fed beef,
rich mexican-flavoured chickpea stew,
and braised chicken legs with sweet potatoes)
more cuddles
more big, thick books
(lately: jonathan safran foer's eating animals
& michael pollan's the omnivore's dilemma)
more evenings spent on our comfy couch with candles lit
and the fireplace warming the apartment.

i'm enjoying these last days of peaceful evenings
and late-starting mornings
before i plunge head-on into a life of
full-time work in my little blue-walled office
plus many hours a week of yoga teacher training,
which begins on february seventh!
along with that will be my (slow) return to half-marathon training,
so it is promising to be a very busy next few months.
for these last two weeks though,
i plan to squeeze all the lazy winter hibernation
out of my days
as i can.


  1. I am dying to get my yoga teacher training, it sound very intense! I adore reading your blog, I passed on a blog award to you, check out my latest post!! XOXOXO

  2. Good luck with your teacher training. I completed mine last year. It was amazing. I have some posts on my blogs if you ever need an extra boost about the whole expierence.

  3. Seattle was a mess with all the snow! Now we're back to sun and good ol' rain!

  4. I just finished reading Michael Pollan's, In Defense of Food. Very good book! He's a very inspiring writer.


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