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at its lowest, the temperature this week sunk to -13C.
that's cold.
we compensated by holing up in our warm little apartment under fuzzy blankets
playing days-long cribbage tournaments,
watching stimulating films + documentaries,
playing hours of pool while looking out
over the sparkly lights of toronto from 23 floors up,
and devouring autobiographies + memoirs.
i enjoyed warm breakfasts of homemade granola + almond milk,
and brought coffee to warm my hands mid-morning in my cold office.
he spent a day working from home in his new flannel pyjama pants,
and i was jealous.
i wore my peacock-colored pashmina draped over my outfits
every day this week, a warming barrier against the frigidness outside.
in the evenings
we lit candles, dimmed lights,
and kept our electric fireplace flickering non-stop
to heat our little apartment in the most cozy way
while he steeped us pot after pot of caramel rooibos.
i'm looking forward to spending some time adventuring outside this weekend,
but there's something fun about the dark weekday evenings we spend together
cuddled up at home, enjoying the quiet moments of winter.

how do you like to spend these dark winter days?


  1. Hibernating on cold days is so perfect. I love grabbing some hot tea, dimming the lights, lighting all the candles, and snuggling under a warm blanket with a good book. I loved this post-it was so calming just reading it!

  2. This sounds so cozy and lovely! We're being blessed with some crazy weather in Chicago-- it's currently 53F and I'm sitting next to an open window feeling the light breeze and listening to the birds sing (they're probably singing about how confused they are!). I'll take this little respite from the cold, since I'm sure it will return soon!

  3. I can't stand the cold but the picture you just described sounds lovely. Perhaps my man and I need to have a winter escape this year...

    Enjoy the weekend! I hope it's a little warmer for you!
    Sal x

  4. On freezing nights I love to listen to RainyMood.com with a facial mask on my face while reading on my Kindle or just playing Book Worm.

    Enjoy your relaxing nights and fun weekend!

    XO, Kelsey

  5. dreary days can get me down sometimes, but I do love doing cozy things. music and warm tea (just finished my third cup!) always helps me. happy weekend, lady!

  6. Sounds lovely. Good luck staying warm! I like to spend cold winter days pretty much the same, tucked in bed with good company!

  7. On freezing nights, Back at home i used to drink lots of tea while eating cookies that had just came out of the oven, that's one of the things i miss the most, unfortunately i'm currently really busy studing and not sleeping to do just that. Anyway, loved your blog!

  8. Hibernating's always good! Lol. It brings out my not-so-hidden introverted side. ;P

    I like to read new books, watch new movies, and just generally be lazy. :) It's always helpful if there's a roaring fire in the fireplace, too!


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