new year's day is for...

{from here}
~waking up early to daydream by the fire~
~sneaking coffees + breakfast sandwiches into the movie theatre~
~watching a matinee of a riveting spy drama while the rain falls outside~
~spending a relaxing afternoon reading~
~bundling up in a blanket + fuzzy socks,
sitting on our balcony in the chilly air,
and journalling pages of dreams, goals, and plans for the new year~
~taking the evening off from cooking, and walking the short distance
to the many fabulous takeout restaurants in our neighbourhood~
~spending the night in, away from the cold, watching foreign films
and enjoying each other's company~

i hope everyone's enjoying their first day of 2012!


  1. sounds absolutely lovely!

  2. Sounds like a magical way to welcome the first day of the New Year!

  3. Anonymous2/1/12

    Sounds wonderful and romantic :) xxx


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