what we've been watching (movies that rock)

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well, i said we've been hibernating this winter, and i was serious.
our routine involves me coming home to our cozy apartment shortly after the sun fades, 
where paul's already got our fireplace humming and
two kittens awake sleepily from their afternoon-long naps to greet me by the door.
i usually start dinner right away
(because it's dark out... that must mean it's past dinner-time right?)
which lately has been light comfort fare
(think crispy homemade fish nuggets with oven-roasted french fries,
and chicken roasted in my new dutch oven with yummy sweet potatoes)
since we're doing a cleanse that prevents the consumption of many things,
most notably red meat and coffee.
(a secret? i'm dying for a good steak. and coffee-withdrawl headaches are brutal.)

after (or sometimes during) dinner, nothing seems more appealing than cuddling up on the
couch and watching a good movie or two while the city freezes outside our windows.

here are a few we've seen lately that i totally recommend:
(click on the movie poster for the imdb website,
and the title for the movie's listing on rotten tomatoes)

...a dark comedy about an irish police officer,
it's incredibly funny and heartbreaking at the same time.
a thrilling spy drama featuring fantastic lesser known talent,
it kept me on the edge of the couch.
deliver us from evil
an exposé of the coverup of the sexual abuse of children
by one catholic priest over twenty years.
a brutal look at how power can corrupt people,
no matter where or who they serve.
shot in vancouver
(my & seth rogan's hometown, which is barely disguised as seattle), 
it's a comedy-drama about two best friends.
one gets cancer. they deal with it.
also funny & heartwrenching at the same time.

an enlightening documentary about the american school system.
it was scary to watch, and made me glad
we'll be enrolling our kids in canadian schools.
although i worry that our school system
potentially has many of the same problems.

(julia's eyes)
a spanish thriller that had me peeking through
a tiny crack in the blanket that i threw over myself
(you know, to stay safe)

a dramatic telling of the events that caused (?) or started
the recent collapse of the stock market.
i often didn't know what the heck they were talking about,
but it was definitely interesting to watch.

...to us, there's nothing better than passing the cold, dark evenings
snuggled under a blanket, enjoying a fantastic movie or two.
so make some popcorn and enjoy!


  1. I love this, except the scary movies. I hate scary movies, so much!

  2. I love cuddling up and popping in movies with my bf. We both had the day off today, so we've actually been doing that all day. So relaxing. Great post!!

  3. We have become hermits too! Thanks for the movie choices!!

  4. That's so funny 'cause that sounds very much like my and Jon's routine... We've been doing this for as long as we've been going out! Dinner with a movie (or 2!), and cuddles (post-dinner)! It's just so incredibly fun and comforting, isn't it! :)

  5. Thank you for the movie tips! I was just thinking last night that I need to make a trip to rent some new movies -- I am so bored with what we have in the house.

    Enjoy your cosy winter evenings! You kinda sound like you already are though.

    Sal x

  6. Anonymous12/1/12

    I can't watch scary movies :P Hope you are having fun time xxxx

  7. My boyfriend and I do the same thing now that it's winter. I really want to see 50/50, but I haven't heard of the other ones you listed. I'll have to look into it!

  8. We'll have to check out all these flicks! Especially The Debt!

    Minted Magazine


  9. We are hibernating too!!!! Have a great weekend!!! Bisous.

  10. I love burrowing under the covers in bed with my laptop and a good movie when it's cold! I'll have to check out some of your suggestions.

    It would be fun to meet over a cup of coffee if you're free while I'm in Toronto! I'll be there from about Jan. 22-25ish

  11. haha we had to go to Wikipedia midway through Margin Call to figure out what was going on!

  12. I'll def have to check out The Guard! I love Brendant Gleeson. He's a great actor! If you're a fan and also like Colin Farrell (who doesn't right?!) you should check out In Bruges. It's older, but I liked it. I'm also a Guillermo Del Toro fan. I'd never heard of Julias Eyes. Off to look it up now ;)


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