february intentions.

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i am so glad february is here.
with a shortage of snow,
topsy-turvy temperatures,
long dark evenings,
and more than enough time spent indoors,
i am very happy to say goodbye to january.

this month is going to be a lot different though
(even though there are sure to be more long dark evenings)
because i am starting yoga teacher training next week (yay!)
and i'm super excited to be getting out more,
meeting new people,
and challenging myself physically, intellectually, and emotionally.
i'm planning to bring a 100% positive mindset to my training,
and to carry that over in all the other areas of my life.
i've always found it extremely rewarding to take the lessons i've learned
through my yoga practice,
and apply them to my every day life,
so i want to continue to do that
as i embark on this deepening of my practice,
and i'm really looking forward to eventually being able to
pass this lesson along to my future students.

so, as the days (slowly) get longer
and as i find my days (quickly) getting busier,
i'm going to keep a few intentions in my heart...

1. practice patience and understanding
living right in the middle of canada's largest city
means that you are constantly
dealing with other people. lots of other people.
and those people often don't move in the way you want them to
(ie, quickly along the sidewalk or up an escalator, in single file)
or act the way you want them to
(ie, like they know what they are doing, and they are courteous about it)
so i am going to work on being okay with this.
i know it's impossible to control other people,
just as it is impossible to know what others are going through at any given moment.
so i'm going to take a deep breath, relax, and let go.

2. get outside during the day as much as possible
towards the end of january,
i had a bit of a mental short-circuit which i am sure had to do with lack of sunlight.
we are lucky to have many sunny days, and we have been really lucky to have had a relatively mild winter.
so what is my excuse for feeling cooped up inside?
i'm going to do my best to get out for a short walk every day at lunchtime,
and to go adventuring on the weekends.
last saturday, we spent almost the whole day outside wandering around
and by the end of it we were exhausted and cold.
but i loved it.

3. show the love
  february is a month of love.
even though we shrug valentine's day off as a little too commercial for us,
we still handcraft each other little heartfelt love notes
and try to celebrate each other in a way that doesn't involve roses or chocolates
(or giant pink teddy bears with "i wuv u" printed on them. blech.)
i'm going to try to extend this feeling to all the people in my life that i love,
as well as all the new people that i'll be meeting this month
(which i am very excited about... making friends in a new city is tough!)
when i was starting high school, i was super shy about the idea of making new friends.
so i decided to fake it. i just told myself to stop acting shy,
even if i felt super awkward in a social situation.
i started going right up to people and introducing myself, making small talk like it was nothing
(even though my heart was beating hard and my brain was yelling "you sound like a dork!")
and guess what? i made some awesome friends.
so i've learned that no matter how weird it seems to start chatting with someone you don't know,
let them know the real you right off the bat, and show them some love,
because then they'll be comfortable enough to show you the real them.
and that's what making good friends is all about.

how about you, wonderful readers...
do you have any intentions for february?



  1. mmm i want a cupcake.
    i'm with you on the valentine's feelings...i like the pretense of the holiday itself but no thanks on anything packaged in hot pink and red cellophane with a teenybopper celebrity on the front! i actually broke up with my high school "boyfriend" after Valentine's where he left me a heart-shaped box of chocolate, a bouquet of red roses and baby's breath, a photo of him with a love note, AND a talking teddy bear that said "you're my sweetie!" yyyyyeah.

    good luck with your training!

  2. Anonymous3/2/12

    those are great plans for the month to come. I'm working on the non-judging part myself. just accept every situation as it is without labeling it either good or bad. I've tried this over and over and it never really stuck. so now I give it another go...

    good luck with all of your plans!!!

  3. What lovely goals for the month <3 I wish you the very best in your practice. I'm always looking for new yoga experiences, so if you're ever teaching a class do post on my blog and I'd be happy to swing by! I love meeting Toronto bloggers.
    I'm working on reveling in the little things that make me happy instead of just accepting them as everyday.


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