the vegetarian experiment.

 after registering for yoga teacher training,
i started thinking about how i could best align other areas of my life
with what i knew i would be learning in my training.
since i have been re-focusing my eating habits
over the past few years,
i thought that nothing could come more naturally
to taking journey to the next level
than becoming a vegetarian.

trust me when i say,
this was not a decision i made lightly.
i have always been a big fan of meat,
and even over the past few years since i've begun making the shift
to eating solely meat and animal by-products
that are produced in an ethical, natural way,
i've still felt that it's okay to eat meat,
so long as i am aware of where it is coming from
and i am conscientious of what i am consuming.

as of right now,
i do still think this way...
but i decided that becoming a vegetarian for the four months
of my teacher training
would be one special way for me to commit fully to my practice
and treat it as a complete lifestyle
rather than just courses i am attending.

and so,
starting february 1st
i officially became a vegetarian
and will stay as such
until the end of my teacher training in june.
i have also committed to eating only animal by-products
(milk, eggs, butter, cheese)
from small farms where i know
the animals are treated ethically and raised naturally.

i am a little nervous
about this new way of eating
(what about vitamin b12?
...and what will i eat???)
but since we've been shifting our way of eating
more towards the vegetarian over the past year anyway,
i've been slowly building a repertoire of fantastic vegetarian recipes
(this cookbook has been an amazing resource).
also, i have some pretty incredible vegan friends
who always have suggestions for substitutions when i ask.

i'm really excited about this new chapter in my life.
i may go back to eating ethical meat from our farmer's market
at the end of the experiment,
but who knows?
i may not.

either way,
i'm sure trying it out for a few months will open my eyes
to a whole different way of living and eating.
i'll share my ups and downs here
as i go along,
as well as the ups and downs of my teacher training
(my first night was tuesday, and it was awesome! i'm so excited!)
and if any of you have gone through these transitions,
i would love to hear how they went for you!

here's to living a life of lightness and wellbeing,
with actions that are in line with my values
of what i think is best for my body, our planet,
and all the living things on it.


  1. Good luck! I know you're going to do great! It'll probably be hard at first but if you stick to it you'll do wonderfully at it!

  2. I don't usually comment because I peruse blogs on my phone but I just wanted to say good luck with your vegetarian project! I rarely eat meat, mostly because I dislike the texture and it is expensive. I'm looking forward to seeing the vegetarian meals that you try since I'm always looking for new ideas. :)

  3. I have been Vegan for a little over a year and it's the best choice I have ever made. I was a huge meat eater. I grew up eating meat with every meal. I also got my teacher certification last June, it really helped. The yoga world brings awareness to being healthy and living a life of love. If you ever have any questions or need quick recipes let me know. :)

  4. I ate vegan for several months last year kind of out of curiosity. One thing I found was that by eating a variety of whole grains, legumes, and vegetables, it's pretty much impossible to not get enough vitamins. I was researching it then too and found that it's actually a misnomer that you need meat for certain vitamins and nutrients. If anything, we're extremely malnourished if we tend towards a typical American diet. If you are already making sure to buy a lot of vegetables and other foods that are grown responsibly, you shouldn't have any problems. One thing to remember if you're concerned about it though, is that the more color a vegetable has, the more nourishing it is -- carrots, spinach, etc are better than potatoes, for example.


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