eight years.

eight years ago,
this tall boy who i'd been hanging out with
(and maybe kissing occasionally)
asked me on an official date.
he picked me up in his cool black truck
and took me to dinner overlooking victoria's waterfront.
he charmed me and made me feel sophisticated,
and at the end of the night he asked me to be his girlfriend.
of course i said yes,
because by that point i basically knew already
that i wanted to marry this boy.

...and that's exactly what i did.

now, eight years later,
i still get that topsy-turvy giddy feeling in my stomach
when i watch him spin records,
or when i glance at him over my novel
while we pass an afternoon at one of our neighbourhood cafes.
he still loves to force-cuddle me in the mornings
when all i (the morning person) want to do is get up
and all he (the night owl) wants to do is fall back asleep.
he still calls me by one of the million nicknames he's made up,
and loves to tease me about all the silly little things i do.
we still have great conversations about politics, movies, religion, and life.
i still love to spend as much of my time with him as i can,
cuddled on the couch watching movies or relaxing on our balcony.

i feel incredibly lucky to have found you paul.
you are my absolute soulmate.
thanks for the most awesome eight years,
and here's to many more shared years to come.


  1. This post was so, so sweet! How wonderful that you found someone that special to be a part of your life, and congratulations on 8 happy years together! :)

  2. cute! Congrats on finding your soulmate :D

  3. This was such a lovely post! Congratulations.

  4. Anonymous20/3/12

    what a great post :)

  5. You both are lucky to have each other. Loads of love :) xo xo xo

  6. SO very sweet! You made it past the seven year itch! :)

  7. I love this. I feel exactly the same way with my husband, and next month marks are 9 year (dating) anniversary. Another noter mentioned the seven year itch, and I had people tell me a few years ago, "Just wait till you get that seven year itch," and I'm still waiting. Your post made me smile, because it seems like so few of us are so blessed to find that one person that can make us that happy and content.


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