lately... {a much needed update}

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...my life has been a whirlwind!
...i've been up to my ears in yoga classes
(both the studio kind and the coursework kind)
...i've been adjusting to my new meat-free lifestyle
(lately i've been craving meat but i've found a few amazing recipes
- and luckily i have a few amazing vegan friends -
to help with that)
...paul has been crazy with work & school
(but one day all the publications, presentations,
interviews, and written works that's he's developing now
are going to make him very famous & important,
like he already is to me :)
...i've had a sore throat to which i've
recently added very stuffy sinuses (boo hoo!)
...we booked a few days to head home
and visit family this august (yay!)

i'm loving my new crazy, hectic life - even though it has taken some getting used to. luckily, spring feels like it has arrived right on time (hello, march 1st!) and the warm-looking sunshine that streams through our east-facing windows every morning has been filling me with much-needed energy. yoga classes have been great... it's been a challenge to deconstruct a lot of the preconceptions that i've had formed about yoga in the ten years that i've been practicing, because now that we're really dissecting every pose movement by movement, and muscle by muscle, it's very humbling to realize that no matter how many years i have practiced for, there are still unending new things to learn. we're also taking classes in anatomy and yoga philosophy, which are amazing. i'm so excited to finally stand up in front of my first class and lead them through vinyasas, breathing exercises, and other poses, and hopefully be able to inspire my students the way so many teachers have inspired me. with work being more hectic than normal, and with a lot less free time than i'm used to, cooking has become a bit of a struggle. This is definitely exaggerated by the fact that we can't fall back building easy meals centered around meat like we used to do... now that i'm vegetarian it's been a challenge to find, plan, shop for, and make new recipes every night when i come home tired from work, and often only have an hour before leaving again for yoga class. but we're starting to learn, and we found a guy at the farmer's market that sells amazing (vegan!) frozen fajitas made of local ingredients that we can throw in our freezer for those nights when making an elaborate meal is just not going to happen. paul has been incredibly supportive and has moved to being mostly vegetarian himself; i will usually only buy him proscuitto for his sandwiches, and occasionally some ground beef to throw on top of a meal if he's craving meat. he even complimented me heartily on my first attempt at this recipe... which is extreme even by vegetarian standards!

the kittens are getting bigger - they sleep on my pillow and wake us up every morning, and play-fight all day. charlie is a big cuddler, and often while we're asleep he'll squeeze in between us to get better cuddles from paul (also a big cuddler - they are perfect for each other!) theo looks at the world with constant wonderment, and gets so excited every time we say his name, he rolls over immediately for belly rubs. unfortunately for silly theo, sometimes this means he rolls off the dining room table or the couch onto the floor. but he doesn't seem to mind. we've learned that they love to eat granola, baba ganoush, cooked vegetables, and whole pieces of caramelized onion, which we've had to scold them about since it's not good for them (but they sneak up and take it right out of our bowls!) charlie is sneaky enough that he can get his paws on almost anything he desires, whether it's a piece of food (once i caught him trying to drag a whole bag of bread off the counter), a hair elastic to play with (i don't know where he keeps finding them), or all the random stuff we keep on the kitchen counter which he knocks down for theo to play with (theo is the runt, and he's still so little that he can't jump up onto the island like charlie can. so they play the game of "i'll knock these things down to you, then you play with them on the ground." it's fun for them. but not so much for us!) it's fun having these two adorable brothers to keep us entertained.

slowly we are adjusting to this new lifestyle of craziness, and moving slowly away from our winter hibernating habits. as the weather starts to warm up, we are remembering what it's like to move our bodies, and our minds, more quickly and energetically, and we are starting to get excited about the craziness that is toronto in the summertime. bring it on!

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  1. Anonymous6/3/12

    <3 this inspirational post.


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