RISE espresso.

there aren't a lot of times you'll see capital letters on curls&coffee (i think little letters just look cuter). and that's my prerogative. but RISE espresso seems to so happily emphasize the all-caps of their name - kind of like an intrinsic exclamation mark - that i can't help spelling it that way, too. this new little cafe in our area is so perfectly tiny and cute that i see us going there often. i'm on an ongoing quest to find paul a few good cafes to get out of the house and do a little reading at while he's working away at his phd research, and i was ecstatic when he announced that RISE had made the list of approved cafes!
a few big perks: they are bright, friendly, and eager. they have great decor. they call them canadianos, instead of americanos (and offer the option to serve them with coconut milk!). their signature blend of espresso is a blend of five different beans from five different regions - and it's fantastic. they happily serve organic and almond milk, at no extra charge. but the clincher for paul is the bullitt - their single espresso shots, weighing in at a dollar each. one tiny little dollar for a delicious shot of five-country-origin espresso, which comes served in a shot glass accompanied by a matching glass of soda water and a tasty little chocolate (and yes, they had me at "free chocolate").
dominic, one of the owners who served us both times we visited RISE on the weekend, was super friendly and seemed genuinely excited to have a new business open in the underrated ryerson area of downtown toronto. he said that the business from ryerson students is starting to pick up... and if the casual vibe, friendly atmosphere, and delicious coffee is any indicator, i can't see how it wouldn't be popular with the underslept students who live in the area. they've been open since january, and are slowly picking up steam, and hopefully a lot of loyal customers, like us!
thanks, RISE, for opening up five minutes from our apartment. i'm looking forward to many dollar caffeine boosts in the future.

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  1. That's awesome. It's always nice to have a hip cafe near the home. Looks like a fun place.


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