truly delightful.

{blossoms from here}
it's spring!
and wow - did spring ever kick winter's butt this year...
all week we've had temperatures climbing into the 20s
(for you americans, that's heading into the 70s)
and beautiful sunny skies.
it makes a girl just wanna grab her bike
and head down to the beach!
...but due to a busy schedule, i had to settle for
digging all my spring & summer clothes
out of storage and arranging them happily in our closet.
we did a little spring cleaning and organizing around the house
(which makes for some very disoriented kittens)
and spent a little time on the balcony
and on a gorgeous sunny restaurant patio.
the summery weather isn't predicted to last more than a few days
so i'm going to try to take advantage of it before we go back to more typical
spring weather (highs in the low- to mid-teens)
and convince paul to pack a picnic
and meet me by the lake after work this evening.

does it feel like spring where you are?
what are you doing to enjoy this beautiful weather?


  1. I love love love Spring!

  2. Alexis28/3/12

    Hey Meg... Love your blog, and read it for awhile back when you lived in Van... I remember you used to struggle a bit - with work, life, etc. - and I'm exactly in that same place...27... Can't find a job... DOn't know what my purpose in life is... And see that you've found a new job that you love. Was just curious what it is? And what you've done to help yourself through the tough times??? Many thanks xx


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