weekend wishes.

{so pretty! from here}

is it spring where you are yet?
i can almost feel it...

this weekend i'm wishing for an early start tomorrow
to get to the market before all the large eggs are gone
(it happened last week!)
a leisurely afternoon in a new cafe
hours and hours of inspiring yoga class
a heartfelt catch up with a long-distance friend
and a very long walk in the lovely spring weather that's promised for sunday.

what's on your wishlist this weekend?
whatever you do, i hope you have a perfectly perfect time.


  1. Anonymous10/3/12

    lovely photo!!! I just hope to survive the weekend. meeting the family. might have to kill myself halfway through. if I manage to make it through the day I'm going on a short trip to France tho. that might motivate me ;)

    happy weekend. and good luck with the eggs ;)

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend! I'm a bit jealous

  3. hehe to get to the market before the large eggs are gone :-) that made me smile. what a BEAUTIFUL photo.


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