what i've been listening to...

lately i've been rocking a new soundtrack at work.
thanks to a few random youtube clicks,
i've been discovering some amazing new artists.
want a taste?
check it out...

someone like you (adele cover) - walk off the earth

...i hope by now everyone's discovered the
ontario-based band walk off the earth.
if you haven't, make sure you also check out this video that went viral awhile back!
also, here's their cute new cover,
which quickly got snapped up by telus for a new commercial.

old pine - ben howard
...my awesome cousin introduced me to ben howard.
i found this song, and i was hooked.
a beautiful song for peaceful afternoons in the sunshine.

how can i believe in you - the good natured

...i love all her music. also check out this & this (& this!)

love love love - avalanche city

...avalanche city might just be my favourite artist right now.
i absolutely love this video.
also check out this one (so cute!)

where is my mind (pixies cover) - emmy the great

one of the most fabulous covers i've ever heard.
the rest of her stuff (what i've found so far)
is epic and bard-like. love it.

double trouble - jack & white

...upbeat and fun. 'nuff said.
check out their beautiful-sounding live sessions here.

turn me on - the grates

...their videos are deliciously weird (click here for more evidence)
and their songs make me insanely happy.


  1. Love it all! Thanks for sharing. I am always looking for new music to jam out too!

  2. All great music! Have you heard of Ellie Goulding? One of my favourites for biking and running. I wouldn't have made the long uphill bike commute to school each day last semester if it hadn't been for her!



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