days well spent.

 {rainy day from here}
this post is for my gramma june. she emailed me a few days ago, saying "haven't seen any Curls and Coffee for awhile so hope all is okay with you" and so i thought i'd respond here! yes things are wonderful with us... i have just been crazy busy with finishing up yoga teacher training (graduation day is tomorrow! and then upon completion of two supervised classes, i will officially be able to teach yoga anywhere!) and the hustle & bustle of day to day life. i do have a few blog posts lined up, which are long overdue, but i have been bad about getting all the photos sorted out and so plan to dedicate a few hours this evening to getting that organized.

the truth is, i have really needed an evening to just be. it's been amazing having such a busy and fun life these past few weeks, full of classes, visits and parties with friends, homework, days and evenings spent out with paul, and adventures around town, i'm starting to feel like i need to stop for a minute. slow down. take a breath. sit and be quiet. write some goals. i'm on the verge of a lot of change right now... starting out as a yoga teacher as well as potentially finding a new full-time job in the next month, and i want to be prepared for these changes as they come, rather than feeling like i'm being pulled behind the fast-moving vehicle of life, trying to jump over the bumps in the road as they come up quickly in front of me.

so tonight will be about me. about life. about my life. where i am going to take it, what my intentions are for the next month or two, and how i am going to get there. and yes, i will be polishing up my photos and recipes from the past few weeks to hopefully share them with you soon!

and to my gramma, who calls me "meggie darlin" which is food for my soul (and my other gram as well, and all of my lovely relatives and friends who read about our life here)... thank you for your love and support. i feel it, always. and want you to know that we are great out here in toronto, and we miss you all!


  1. miss you guys! sounds like exciting things are about to blossom for you in the near future!

  2. Your blog is just lovely. Your outlook on life is refreshing and inspiring, I am glad you share your optimisim and love of spirit with others. Good luck on your new career and best wishes for all the upcoming opportunities in your future.

    1. thank you eloise, you are too sweet :)


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