what i've been listening to...

{beach sunset from here}
first, i just want to make a little apology in case you've visited curls&coffee over the past day or two and noticed the formatting was quite wonky... my creative juices have begun flowing so i've been playing around with the layout. bear with me, i'm sure things will crystallize soon!

but mostly, i wanted to talk about how
as spring turns to summer,
i'm drawn to fun and chill indie artists
that i know i'll have on repeat all season...
these bands are perfect for afternoon barbeques,
weekends at the lake,
camping under the stars,
pretty much anything you can think of!

born ruffians
{the perfect background music for the odd rainy spring afternoon
spent playing boardgames and having an indoor picnic in your living room}
Hedonistic Me by Born Ruffians on Grooveshark
Foxes Mate for Life by Born Ruffians on Grooveshark

the morning benders
{it's so quirkily romantic. if i had ever driven up to
"make out point" with my dream boy
and he parked the car and put the top down,
i hope that this would have been playing
as we looked out at the sparkly city sprawled out below us}
Excuses by The Morning Benders on Grooveshark

the avett brothers
{are you going to hang out at the beach until sunset?
roasting hot dogs over the bonfire?
playing touch football in the sand?
sitting in the open back of your pick up truck as the sun goes down?
good. bring these guys.}
My Heart Like a Kickdrum by The Avett Brothers on Grooveshark
At The Beach by The Avett Brothers on Grooveshark

have i mentioned before that
i feel my life would be complete if it had a soundtrack?
oh yes.

what's made it onto your life's playlist lately?

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  1. oh how i share your excitement for summer. it seems winter and spring are way too drawn out. heres to camping under the stars, weekends at (a) lake or ocean, and summer bbq with friends!


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