august intentions + on living intentionally.

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i can't believe it's already august. my little space here has been quite sleepy lately. i'm not exactly sure why... i've been feeling scatterbrained, and craving stillness. i think i'm in the middle of a life transformation, and it's been a little overwhelming. so i've been spending most evenings happily curled up with a book or a good movie (and a husband & two cats), and i have shied away a little from my usual routines of runs, yoga, journalling, and adventuring. but i think it's time to start peeking through this little cocoon i've made for myself, to climb out and breathe fresh air again, to take note of my shifted shape, acknowledge my growth over the last six months, and get moving again.

to explain a bit more completely, i have spent my teenage- and young-adult life as a type-a personality. i thrived on schedules, lists, alarms, appointments. i loved seeing my week laid out in front of me, incremented nicely into all the different commitments i'd made for myself. but since beginning yoga teacher training, i've noticed i've been shifting towards a more organic style of living. i've been letting things flow a little more, listening to my body and my soul, doing what feels good in that moment. it's been great, because tuning into myself has helped me realize that i'm ready to relax my type-a structure a bit, and that i can trust my inner self to tell me what i need, and when i've had enough of something. if i'm craving sugar, i feel naturally led to choose dark chocolate, and then to stop after a few squares because i am truly satisfied. if i'm feeling antsy, i know it's probably been too long since i laid down my mat and did some vinyasas (and paul knows it too now... and isn't afraid to point it out to me if i don't realize right away!) there are some evenings that i spend in, and some that i want to spend outside in the sun, wandering around this big city, or relaxing on the warm sandy beach by the waterfront. and to me, it feels good to have less schedule and more feeling.

but it's definitely time to get myself out of my little cocoon, because i also know about myself that if i leave things too long, if i stray too far from my type-a roots, it becomes all-too-tempting to swing all the way to the other side of the spectrum, which is over-indulgence and apathy. and that isn't good for anyone. so my intentions this month are going to be about balance.

august intentions
~ i will journal every day, whether online or on paper,
keeping a record of how i am feeling and what i am doing about it ~
~ i will do something good for my body every day,
whether yoga, a run, or a good long hike ~
~ i will start my mornings with meditation,
peacefulness, green tea, and a good book ~
~ i will plan my weeks, but loosely...allowing for time to work, to play,
and to spend time with those people most important to me ~
 ~ i will continue to listen to my inner self when it comes to
making decisions about how to live my life. i will listen when she tells me to rest,
but also when she tells me to get up and get out into the great, big world ~

...what are your intentions for august?


  1. Yeah its been a long time I read your last post. Your intentions for August are quite nice. I'll thrive to clear an exam in August, going more often to Swedish language classes and spending sometime on my own self. Maybe running or cycling around the town xx

    Sneak peek into my life

  2. I feel like I have so much I want to do this August too! I want to go on a few more hikes and have friends over for a burger night!

  3. This might be my favourite blog post of yours ever because it so completely relates to how I am currently feeling. I've always been a bit of Type A and Type B, though definitely more noticeably Type A, and recently that has been changing. Personally, I don't believe in the conventional idea of "balance" but I do believe in listening to our needs and desires. The reason I'm not a huge supporter of "balance" is because I feel like it places too much of an emphasis on this quantifiably equal way of dividing time and energy rather than leaving room for a person to live their OWN best life-whatever that looks like. For me, I've been trying to make this shift look more like being aware of feelings (myself and others) and responding to them in a positive way, recognizing my wants and needs and then using my Type A side to make them happen. I've found the balance to be way more on the side of Type B dreams and soul with the Type B giving me the drive to do these things. Perhaps your shift has been different than mine in this respect, but I thought it might be fun to share since maybe you can relate. August is a huge month for me too and I think my main intention is to keep centred and grounded (which I realize might actually be what some are referring to when they say "balance") throughout the craziness.

  4. my intentions are:
    to always do my best.
    to make the decision to be happy every day.
    to listen to my body and it treat it as my temple.

  5. relax and stop worrying about the future. somehow i haven't figured that one out yet.


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