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in chatting with my fellow yogis these past few weeks, one refrain seems to keep repeating... we love being so busy with work, teaching yoga, and our personal lives, but when things are going really great we tend to let our personal practices fall to the wayside. it's amazing to be feeling busy and successful in our work lives, and it's inevitable as the holiday season rolls around that our social calendars will become filled to the brim, but at this time of year almost more than any other, it's important to remember that our yoga practice - the thing that keeps us (well, me for sure) sane & level-headed - continues to be a priority.

between my full-time job, teaching between 3-8 classes per week, working on launching my website, and spending time with my husband & friends, i've definitely noticed my practice dropping off over the past month. when there's no plan in place, its easy to let practicing slide to the bottom of the priorities list, and as a result, i've noticed i am less present in my days, i don't handle stress as well, and i'm less happy overall. so i'm determined to put my practice at the top of my priorities list for the month of december!

for me, my ideal fitness life is one where i am both practicing yoga and running on a regular basis. to keep my goals realistic (lululemon calls for BHAGs - big hairy audacious goals, which i love, but in the short term i prefer realistically achievable goals to keep the momentum going), i am planning to run and practice yoga three times each per week. i'm going to plan my workouts a week in advance, when i know what my spare time is but before i've had the chance to fill all that empty time with fun plans, and write my running & yoga practice times in my agenda. although i'd love to practice every day and run seriously five days a week, i know that if i don't work to balance my fitness practice with the rest of my life, i won't be able to make it happen and i'll get frustrated. and for me that's rule #1: go for achievement & elation first to build momentum, then increase your objectives as your ability increases.

kathy freston calls this "leaning in" and she suggests doing in when making any changes in your life, from fitness choices to diet changes. my "leaning in" will be to start with three runs & three yoga practices per week, and eventually hopefully increasing that to a daily practice as well as getting back into serious training for a spring half marathon (my second one ever!)

i know that making fitness a priority is the key to keep me sane during the busy holiday season, and so i'm going to do my best not to let that slip away just because other fun things are fighting for my attention.

do you plan on making any fitness goals to get you through the december madness? what plans or methods are you going to use to make sure you achieve them?


  1. I'm planning to workout 5-6 times per week doing a mix of yoga and pilates, depending on what my body feels like on the day. I completely agree that it is necessary to centre yourself and if you aren't centred then you aren't even enjoying the parts of your life that are keeping you busy.

    1. Hi Julia! How is this going? I am still working on keeping up my regular yoga & fitness practice :) it's a daily effort!


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