december intentions.

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i'm a big planner. i work well with routines, schedules, to do lists.
december usually throws a loop in all my plans.
there are last-minute get-togethers, mini-adventures,
and the desire to cook & bake endless goodies
(in my christmas apron!)
the holidays make it hard to stick to a budget, a schedule, and a wellness plan...
but we still have to try.

this month, i'm going to make intentions that will help me do just that:
keep the things that are important to me as priorities,
be able to look at our bank account in january without crying,
and maintain my sanity amidst all the jovial-ness.

intentions for december...

*carve out time for meditation*
my inner voice has been telling me for months
that i'm in need of a regular meditation practice,
so i'm finally listening.
every morning when i get up, i'm going to spend at least five minutes
(eventually working up to longer periods of time)
sitting in quiet meditation,
before the rest of my loved ones awaken.

*make practice a priority*
as i mentioned last week, yoga & running are the things
that keep me sane during busy times,
but sadly right after i wrote that i put my neck out somehow
and have been scared to do any serious exercise lest i repeat
the terrible experience in 2007 of
not being able to move my neck or sit up for two days.
as soon as i'm not afraid every time i turn my head,
i'll be sitting down to plan out my 3 & 3 for the rest of december!
which leads me to my next intention...

*take time to plan*
the next few weeks are going to be busy,
and the last week in december
(when we're back on the west coast,
spending the holidays with our families)
is going to be downright crazy
(in a good way!)
so i'm going to set aside time every week on sunday evening
to plan out events, downtime, and spending for the week.

*breathe, and enjoy*
sometimes when we're caught up in the throes of the busy times,
it's easy to get caught up in the stress & bother of it all.
but this time of year gives us the opportunity to do things
we can't always do for the rest of the year...
visit & celebrate with family
show loved ones how much they mean to us
spend afternoons curled up by a fire with a good book or magazine,
while everyone else in my mom's living room does the same :)
...i'm going to do my best to just breathe and smile
whenever i'm starting to feel overwhelmed,
instead choosing to be grateful that we have one month every year
where we get to indulge in all the most fun & amazing
miracles of life.

happy december all!
what are you intentions for the final month of 2012?

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