intentions for may.

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it's been a whirlwind of a month for me - i can't believe that less than 5 weeks ago, i was trading my corporate job for days in a pink kitchen, working with a nutritionist whose beliefs align so well with my own, and for evenings and weekends spent feeling luckier than i ever thought i would - leading fun & happy yoga practices around town. it was a bit of an overwhelming change, one that i feel i'm just now growing accustomed to, and it's taken me until the middle of this weekend, which is thankfully almost completely free of obligations and time commitments, to realize what balance is going to really mean in my new schedule. so with that thought in mind, here are my intentions for may:

1. take time to do nothing. over the past month, i'd been taking on extra hours & classes wherever i could, and when i did have some downtime i used it to fine-tune the look of my new website, to tidy up & re-organize at home, or to prep food for the busy days ahead. and then last week, i burnt out - already! i realized that while i do need to invest time to food prep & keep things organized at home to avoid going insane, i have to use some of my precious downtime to really stop, relax, and reboot (self-prep, if you will, for the busy days to come). i'm spending this weekend hanging out with good friends, just chillin', & doing all the summery things i love to do, i plan to do more of this, as often as possible.

2. get moving. why does it seem to always happen? the more i need a constant yoga practice & running routine in my life (the two things that most keep me balanced & functioning during a busy or stressful time), the less i do them. i need to make yoga & running a priority - put them in my schedule and stick to the plan. i also got a beautiful new tiffany blue dutch-style bicycle that i get to start riding to work, which i'm incredibly excited for!

3. adventure more. the sudden onset of warm, summery weather has me so excited to explore new parts of the city (and revisit favourite areas), seek out free outdoor concerts, and ride my shiny new bike everywhere i can. i'm calling it "active downtime" - and it's going to be glorious!

now that i have a handle on my new life & schedule, i'm going to spend this month making every moment count (by doing just what i need to be doing in that time). what are your intentions for may?


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