on letting things unfold.

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it makes me so happy that every week i'm taking another step towards the exact professional life i want. once i reached out to the universe and declared my intentions, things started to fall into place. but something that surprised me about this is that life has started to pick up steam, and i have found myself in the surreal place of feeling like things are moving so fast (albeit in a direction i want them to), that i just can't keep up.

last friday morning when i woke up, my brain immediately started jumping around, from the events of yesterday to all the things i had left undone, to the things i had to do today, to my plans for the future... as it does every morning. every morning for the last few months i have woken up and immediately felt stressed. so this morning i took a breath and closed my eyes. i focused on deep breathing for a few minutes, and let all of those thoughts fall away from my mind. i repeated the mantra: "i will get to everything in its own time." and i felt better.

do you know the feeling of jumping in with both feet? it's truly a fantastic, empowering feeling. but what if you jumped in, both feet, huge grin on your face, only to find that you had jumped into a raging river and it began to sweep you along at a pace you weren't expecting? it would be only natural to feel pretty overwhelmed at this point.

when we try to make changes in our lifestyles, i have found that slow and steady wins the race (ie, make one little change at a time and incorporate it into your life before moving onto bigger changes) - working slowly & steadily ensures that the new changes you're making are ones you're ready to stick with and are comfortable implementing.

as pioneer women, once we make the leap into creating the lives of our dreams it can be unavoidable that we start to get swept away as those dreams gain momentum in their journey to reality. it's exhilarating to realize that we're actually manifesting what we wished and hoped for ourselves so many times. but it's also scary. too much change all at once can be detrimental to our health & wellbeing, and for those of us who are making our new careers in the health & wellness industry, we know all too well that taking time to care for yourself is the only thing that's going to keep you going.

to all of you amazing women, building the lives of your dreams, i say: take a breath. take a day, or a weekend, to unwind. journal. go for a run. hit up a yoga class. drink some green juice. enjoy a dinner without looking at your phone.

we need time to recharge, to re-evaluate, to give ourselves space. everyone needs a day or two to do this, at least once a month. i would equate this to hitting pause on a movie with a complicated plot, and taking a moment to go back through all that's happened - sort of getting yourself up to speed - so that you can be prepared for (and fully understand and appreciate) what's to come. but this isn't a day to stay in your pyjamas and watch movies... it's a day to do all the things that really recharge your batteries, invigorate you, and get you pumped for the busy days ahead. it's a mental health day, crossed with a planning & goal-setting day. do what makes you feel good, and then do what makes you feel ready.

press pause, breathe deeply, and get ready for what's up ahead. enjoy every moment :)

with wellness & joy,


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