wishing you a wonderful christmas and joyous holiday season!

i am feeling so blessed this year to be spending a quiet christmas at home with my favourite person, two favourite cats, and lots of strong kicks from our little one - coming in spring 2014!

there has been so much this year to be grateful for, and i have spent a good part of today reflecting on this, while also cultivating excitement for the year ahead.

2013 was the year i got to take the leap into a full-time career that revolves around yoga, managing and teaching at a studio that i love deeply. i get to spend my days making a difference in the lives of mamas-to-be by leading them in prenatal yoga practices and interacting with them (and eventually their new babes) on a daily basis.

2013 was the year paul & i decided we'd like to grow our family, and made a big announcement to parents, brothers & sisters back in august that we'd have a tiny bundle arriving around the end of march. we've been fantasizing about what we'll be like as parents, planning an ideal birth/labour setting at home, and preparing to become a family of three. it has brought us even closer, and i can't wait to see paul as a papa to our little one.

we are still loving living in downtown toronto, and are starting to look forward to our next big move, as paul will be finishing his PhD this year and we'll be moving somewhere next summer or fall once he finds work as a professor. we don't know where we'll be off to yet, and are enjoying the prospect of ending up in montreal, newfoundland, seattle, california, or back on the west coast of bc!

2013 has been an amazing year, and getting to celebrate it today with my lifemate makes me feel so lucky. i hope that everyone reading has a wonderful christmas day, and that your year ahead is filled with much joy and happiness.

merry christmas!

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