on taking a free day.

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when i first ventured into the realm of goal- and resolution-setting (in my early teens), i treated new year's day as the plunge into a new, healthier, more highly motivated, bad-habit-less, and overall better, me. but, like the vast majority of people who set new year's resolutions, i tended to abandon my ambitions by mid-february - usually out of frustration over a failure or a setback.

as i moved into a more conscious way of living, i realized that leaning into changes in my life was the only true way to create sustainable shifts in my habits and ingrained thought processes. jumping into large changes (usually several at a time) because the new year had begun was just not working. and so i modified my new year's practice of making new year's eve the cutoff for every imaginable bad habit that i wished i wasn't afflicted by, and started making new year's day a kinder, more gentle reminder to stay focused on the ongoing goals and habits that i want to establish for myself.

for the past several years, i have allowed new year's day to be a kind of "free day" from the restrictions of any goals, intentions, or plans that i've made for the new year. we've spent the day relaxing, indulging, and enjoying each other's company. especially when i'd enjoyed new year's eve in the company of good friends, late hours, and more than enough champagne, i realized that trying to make new year's day the first day i "train to run a half marathon" or "stop eating any carbs" was just not going to happen. so rather than set myself up to hate my resolutions and goals before i've even begun putting them into action, i decided to give myself a day to ease into the new year. so far, it's worked out pretty well!

this year we spent new year's day lounging on our new sofa bed amongst a plethora of pillows, a warm fireplace, fuzzy blankets, and cuddly kitties, watching movies and enjoying the delicious leftovers from our new year's eve party the night before. we vaguely discussed our goals and ambitions for 2014, but rather than make a list right then and there, i chose to enjoy the beautiful first day of the new year and stay in the present moment.

today is my planning day, and i'm excited to put pen to paper and decide what goals and intentions are realistic for a year that is going to bring so much change - welcoming a new member to our family, a big move (most likely to a new city), and the adjustment to becoming a mama/yoga teacher while my husband leaves the title of "student" behind and pursues a career in enlightening young minds.

how do you like to spend your new year's day?
do you jump right into your goals and resolutions, or do you take a free day and enjoy the freshness of a new year?

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