our big move.

My little space has been so quiet lately, because there were big things on the horizon... a cross country move, back to the island I grew up on! the past two months have been a blur or packing boxes while entertaining a baby, organizing the purchase of a car and the rental of a townhouse from several thousand kilometers away (thank you paul for getting 'er done), and trying to keep our two kitties from having conniptions every time we had to corral them into their kennels and take yet another leg of our journey from Toronto to Vancouver Island. But now we've arrived at our cute Nanaimo townhouse with sunny yellow walls, and it feels wonderful to be back on the west coast! family is close by, the beautiful wilderness beckons, and I am adjusting to the slower pace of island life. as we speak, I am slow-cooking tomatoes from my brother-in-law's garden to make a tomato-basil pasta sauce (with basil from the farmer's market that happens downtown every friday, naturally). 

I'm looking forward to documenting many of our new adventures and sharing them here, and I imagine with such a different life than I had just five months ago, the look of this space will change a little too, so I am looking forward to a bit of a remodel now that I have the time (just so were clear, "the time" refers to the handful of half hour chunks that I have free each day while Phoenix naps).

It's hard to comprehend how much life really has changed in the five months since I stopped working full time as a yoga instructor and studio manager... instead of my huge belly welcoming mamas and mamas-to-be into classes at a beautiful yoga studio in the busiest city in our country, I'm now a mama myself, looking for babies yoga classes to attend here in our tiny city of 80,000 people. I left amazing friends behind in Toronto, and I miss them dearly. But I'm looking forward to honing my letter-writing skills, and to making new friends in my new town. I'm excited to spend all the smaller holidays with family, instead of only seeing everyone once or twice a year, and I'm hoping everyone will agree to come to our house for a few dinners too so I can finally show off my holiday cooking skills to more people than just Paul (although he's never complained when I made a full dinner for 10 to feed just us!)

I'm excited to be starting this new chapter of our life, and I can't wait to see where it takes us. Hooray for the west coast!

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  1. That face is cracking me up! Ha!

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/


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