more about meg...

hi there! i'm meg. i'm a newly-30-year-old curly-haired canadian
recently transplanted from the heart of the great big city toronto
back to easy-going island life on the west coast of canada.

i'm helping my new little sidekick navigate the adventures of his first year of life
while adjusting to new mamahood and all the changes that come with it.
luckily i've got a funny, smart, handsome lifemate of a husband
who helps me remember daily how blessed my life is.

my life's work is to spread pure happiness through yoga
and promote the joy of eating real, whole foods.

although i'm currently officially a full-time new mama,
I'm available to teach private yoga sessions
just for you or for a small group.
i specialize in hatha, vinyasa flow, and prenatal yoga practices.

If you're looking for a way to get your yoga on
without having to find a studio, let me know and I'm happy to come to you!
For details about rates, please email

here are a few things that give me pure happiness...
*dancing like crazy to good indie music*
*frequenting farmer's markets*
*packing a picnic and sitting by the lake*
*trying new things in the kitchen*
*taking long runs*
*whiling away an afternoon reading a delicious novel*
*sipping a latte in a newly-discovered cafe*
*playing with my two kitties charlie & theo*

and here's a little about how PUREhappiness evolved...
i started blogging in october 2009
as an outlet for my thoughts
while searching for a new career
after graduating from a bachelor of science
and getting married to the love of my life.

I now blog as a way to spread the love & happiness of living a conscious life to all,
and to keep in touch with family + friends.

I share my inspirations, musings on life, mamahood, and yoga,
mini-adventures + travels, newly-minted recipes,
and all the little things in between.

thanks for being here!
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